FEB6: Natalie Jeremijenko: Connected Environments, Ruffin Gallery

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Opening Reception: 
Friday, February 6th, 5:30 p.m., Ruffin Gallery

Exhibition Dates:
January 20th -February 20th, 2015

The Visual Arts Board is pleased to present the work of Natalie Jeremijenko, our Artist in Residency for the year. Jeremijenko, an Australian currently living, working, and teaching in New York, uses a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to explore environmental and ecological problems facing our world today.

7As director of the Environmental Health Clinic and an Associate Professor in New York University’s Visual Arts Department, with affiliations in the Computer Science Department and Environmental Studies program, Jeremijenko blends engineering, biochemistry, activism, and art to create large-scale public and participatory work.

The real-life experiments Jeremijenko creates engage viewers by prompting them to reconsider their relationship with the species among whom they live. These socially conscious experiences can enact change, both directly and indirectly, as they frame environmental conversations through a more participatory lens. According to Jeremijenko, “A lot of my work concerns a crisis of agency — what can we do?”

The body of work included in this exhibition comes from one of Jeremijenko’s long-term projects, The Environmental Health Clinic. As director of the xClinic, Jeremijenko prescribes creative, healthy remedies for the problems facing our local and global environments. The work included in this exhibition illustrates the mastery with which Jeremijenko bridges the gap between the arts and sciences, providing viewers with unique opportunities to reexamine their own role in mending human relationships with our environment.

The 2014-2015 Visual Arts Board co-produced this exhibition in conjunction with The Bridge PAI. A continuation of  “Connected Environments” can be seen in their “xClinic Outpost: Artwork by Natalie Jeremijenko” exhibition.

“Connected Environments” runs from January 20th – February 20th.

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